Panasonic SC-NA10 Bluetooth® Speaker System

Bluetooth® pairing is done by simply passing the smartphone over the SC-NA10. No more worries about troublesome settings or poor connections. A built-in, long-life battery enables 20 hours of operation. That means you can keep listening to music without having to worry about the playing time. The aptX™ Low Latency high-performance audio codec decodes low-compressed, high-quality audio data. It gives you treble sounds that couldn't previously be reproduced, and prevents lapses between the sound.

Key aptX™ Low Latency Features

Low delay for gaming and lip sync applications

Robust solution

Consistent 16-bit audio quality

aptX™ Low Latency Tech Specifications

  • Approximately 40ms latency achieved from audio adapter running aptX Low Latency encoder in embedded Bluetooth® device
  • Sample based codec so low latency can be achieved through efficient population of packets