moto g stylus 5G (2022)

moto g stylus 5G can deliver the exactness you need when you want to write a note, select text to send an email and edit the photos etc with the built-in stylus.

And with a 50M OIS Camera system, you can always capture the wonderful moments when you want at anytime.

When you are ready to view something, the 6.78” FHD+ display with 120Hz refresh rate will bring you the immersive experience while allowing easier multitasking.

The powerful 5G chipset can help you play games in real-time, download movies in seconds, and without worrying about the battery life, as the 5000mah big battery  will

support you for 2days usage.


Key aptX™ Adaptive Features

Adjusts performance based on environment

Crowded RF environments are no longer a worry. Wherever you are, enjoy the same high-quality sound.

Low-latency mode

Designed to support video and gaming, aptX Adaptive delivers a fully immersive experience.

Dynamically auto-adjusts

Adjusts to what’s playing on your device, be that videos, music or gaming to help eliminate connectivity issues.

Audio that simply works

No user control or configuration needed – a robust and consistently premium experience.

aptX™ Adaptive Tech Specifications

  • Low system latency approx. 80ms 
  • Backwards compatible with aptX aptX HD in stereo headsets
  • Backwards compatible with aptX in earbuds and stereo headsets
Bit Rate
  • Dynamic bit-rate adaptation designed to ensure consistently robust audio streaming in challenging RF environments
  • Bit-error resilience is designed to help maintain audio quality in challenging RF environments
  • Dynamic bit rate and latency adaptation based on handset user application focus without user intervention
  • Typically, 279kbps to 420kbps