Klipsch R-20B Soundbar

The Klipsch Reference R-20B Soundbar with 10-inch Wireless Subwoofer reproduces detailed, high-output audio in almost any size room no matter what sound format is produced from the connected television. In 3-D Surround Mode, the R-20B delivers simulated surround sound for immersive listening. In addition, the R-20B is compatible with most Bluetooth® playout devices (mobile phones, tablets, computers) and includes aptX™ coding technology.

Key aptX™ Features

Consistent audio quality

Fixed compression ratio ensures consistency

Full spectrum of sound

From 20Hz to 20kHz, aptX audio covers the human hearing range

Interoperability testing program

We operate rigorous testing for all aptX enabled products, so you can be confident all products will deliver the same audio quality

aptX™ Tech Specifications

Sound quality
  • THD+N@1kHz: -67dB
  • SNR@1kHz:  93dB
  • PEAQ audio quality:-0.18
  • Qualcomm® Kalimba™ MHz DSP technology: 42MHz@48KHz stereo decode ~45MHz@48KHz stereo encode
Audio Encoding
  • 16-bit, up to 48kHz sampling rate
Program memory usage
  • 3.3kwords (encoder) / 3.6kwords (decoder) 
Data memory usage
  • 1.8kwords
  • ~63MHz (stereo encode) on ARMv7A with NEON 
Bit Rate
  • 384 kbps (48 kHz sampling)